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It seems that long distance relationships have earned themselves a bad reputation. If you're in a long distance relationship, or considering one, you probably know exactly what I mean. When you tell your friends about your separated love, they may try to console you with a comforting smile or some nice words. My personal favorite is the half smile followed by the, "Oh, I'm sorry." Let's face it; the very idea of long distance love seems unnatural and impractical.

The Alternative

For many couples, the alternative to going long distance is breaking up all together. Michael James, V.P. of development for states, "The alternative option of breaking up is always available later. Why not at least give the long distance a fighting chance?" I couldn't agree more with this philosophy. The good news is that once you've chosen to stick out the distance with your partner you may find there are quite a few pros to having a long distance relationship.

Lost Identity Syndrome

If you've been in your relationship for a while, you may notice that your individual identity has been replaced by your couple identity. You'll know this is the case when your friends stop referring to you by your name and now refer to you by your first name and your partner's first name. Or perhaps when someone sees you without your better half they immediately look surprised and ask where they are. If you look, you'll find examples like this scattered throughout your life. You may have liked a particular food before you coupled off but now your friends will say, "Oh, they don't eat meat." When in fact, you're really a raging carnivore and you've gone vegetarian to show your partner your support.

Pro #1 -- Regaining Yourself

At, they've found that it's quite common for people in relationships to give up some of the things they enjoyed when they were single in order to spend more time with their significant other. Being in a long distance relationship will allow you to get back in touch with old hobbies or discover new ones on your own. The added plus is that you'll be able to share those new experiences with your partner when you reconnect.

Same Old Same Old

Ever notice how sometimes you feel like you have nothing new to talk about with your partner? It feels like they know you so well that there's nothing new to tell. Or you might spend so much time with them that they were right next to you when the last exciting thing happened.

Pro #2 - Something to Talk About

Long distance couples spend many hours on the phone for a reason. They now have plenty to talk about! When your partner isn't right there for the day to day anymore there is much more to share.

Pro #3 -- Missing Each Other

There's a reason why people say, "Distance makes the heart grow fonder." Being separated from the person you love allows you to miss them. It's nearly impossible to evoke those feelings without the reality of being apart from your relationship. You'll be able to experience the joy of remembering your mate and the great times you've shared together.

Pro #4 - Letting Out Your Creative Side

Couples usually fall into certain routines together. When you're in a long distance relationship, your routine ceases to exist and now you have to come up with creative ways to keep your love alive. This can range from cute notes or emails to some naughty phone call conversations.

Pro #5 - The Joy of Dating Again

Remember when you first started dating how you couldn't wait to see your mate? You'd spend time thinking about what to do or what to wear. When you reunite with your long distance love, you'll be able to experience the rush of dating your partner all over again. At they have found that when long distance couples reunite they experience a delightful mixture of familiarity and excitement all in one.

Turn Your Frown Upside Down

Like most things in life, the attitude that you adopt about your situation can make a very big difference. This really holds true for long distance relationships. If you find yourself having to be apart from your better half for a while, don't fret. There are many pros to long distance relationships. You may even discover that your relationship becomes stronger than ever after you reunite.


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