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The passionate lover often made attempts to control the actions or feelings of the loved object, but since he or she gives the impression to be lack of logic, often manages only in looking silly in his or her own eyes. For instance, a passionate lover can say their loved object that they should spend some time separately to think impartially of their relationship, and after that falls into a state of despair for the reason that the partner cannot be present during that time.

Manic lovers do not put up with parting humanly well. The manic lover tends to analyze his or her unsuccessful love affairs and guess what was mistaken that led to an end them. Manic lovers often have sexual difficulties in addition to difficulties in conducting other forms of personal contact. For the reason that they have high degree or nervousness, manic lovers would be supposed to have crisis related to nervousness, i.e. vaginismus or premature ejaculation. Mania is perhaps connected with low self-respect and a reduced self-concept. Because of this fact, manic people are usually not attractive to people who have excellent self-concepts and good self-respect. They turn out to be troublesome to more independent others. If they are refused by them, their nervousness strengthens, and they become even less attractive.


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