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Dating an Older Man

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Jenn Malko
If Mrs. Robinson was out with the freshman, who was Mr. Robinson with? Obviously, if youre looking for advice about dating an older man, you have some idea of the possibilities. The younger woman / older man combination is a classic. And now, with the help of online dating sites, its easier to reach out and touch a man more attune to your desires. I hate to generalize, but thats what this article is about. Take these words with a grain of salt, and open your mind to the possibility of dating an older man.

It can be easy to see why some women prefer to date older men. Younger guys are just coming into their own, unsure and uncertain about life, despite how much they swear theyre not. They can be inexperienced in the bedroom and hungry to put notches in their belt, some with little regard to any relationships theyre currently entertaining. Career paths arent as defined, nor their bank accounts. Dating a younger man has drawbacks that many older men dont share.

Dating an older man comes with benefits. Maturity is certainly one of the biggest and more obvious factors. Mature men tend to know themselves a little better than younger boys. They typically arent as sexually motivated, either, but that doesnt mean lovemaking suffers. They can be mature between the sheets, too, knowing more and taking a different approach to pleasure. Older men are more established and farther along in their careers, and security is a nice benefit of tying yourself to a steady life. If you find the right older man, a big helping of bliss could be in your future!

Jenn Malko

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