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Advice Diva
So you have decided to try out online dating. Many people opt for this method in our age of technological advances because of its convenience and the ability to easily find matches for your personality. It can actually save years of looking for the one by narrowing down your candidates through preferences and similarity hunting. This makes the dating jungle much easier to tame!

We have all heard of horror stories about people meeting online and when they finally decided to meet up, they did not get at all what was expected. That is why it is very important to create a very close description of yourself that is true. Whenever we meet someone, there is always a little bit of a façade that you hold up before letting someone in to know the true you. Sometimes it is this façade that attracts someone and once they do get to know the real you they become less enchanted and walk away. But while online, you have the golden opportunity to tell the world of single lookers just who you are exactly. And you will be able to draw in those who are perfect for a relationship with you. So why not use this opportunity to the best of your ability?

If you are overweight and you know it, dont put in your description that you are average. This is deceptive and it will only lead to disappointing first dates with no second dates. The more honest you are in your description, the better first meetings you will have with more second dates. I know it sounds better to let the world know you are athletic, but if you are a couch potato let them know! There is no fault with enjoying cuddling on the couch with your sweetie.

Word descriptions of yourself to your advantage. For example, if you are a female who is overweight, you can write down that you are a curvy and voluptuous woman who is soft and warm. Doesnt that sound yummy? An overweight man could say that he is a large manly man designed to be the strong protecting type. Women love this, it is a genetic predisposition to single out the strongest of her species to procreate with. The point is, you want to be completely honest about yourself and find positive attributes for your descriptions. The more honest you are, the happier your dates will be and the happier you will be.

Very few of us are those perfect size 3 women, athletic, tall and tan with blond hair or Arnold-muscular, tall, athletic and with a washboard stomach men. So dont worry about it if you think you seem less appealing than other ads. Trust me, most of those people placing these ads are lying about themselves which is why they keep placing the ads..because their dates are disappointed leaving them to keep trying online. You, yourself, are bound to come across a few of these people and upon meeting them will discover just how far off their description was. You will feel deceived, in a way, causing a certain level of distrust. It is bound to happen so dont worry about it, just move on until you find more honest characters like yourself.

Also remember that if there is a feature about yourself that you do not think is attractive, someone does. Everyone has personal fetishes which is why it is great to be as honest as you can online. Some women have a thing for short men, while others are into beards and some may even be crazy about bald men. Some men might have an affliction for redheads, some do somersaults for small breasts and others will go gaga for a round rump. There is something for everyone out there so dont be afraid to let it all hang out!

Advice Diva

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