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How to make him fall in love with you

The short answer: Take him on a rollercoaster ride. Or bungee-jumping. Or whitewater rafting. Literally. It turns out that the stomach flips, adrenaline and screams associated with any white-knuckle event create a rush of the hormone that makes us fall in love, reports London's Daily Mail of new research from Richard Robinson, author of "Why the One You Fancy Never Fancies You."

That hormone is called phenylethylamine. An important component in the science of attraction, it is secreted when you see someone you really like. "It is the hormone of euphoria. It is the hormone of joy and ecstasy," Robinson explained to the audience attending the British Association's Festival of Science in Liverpool, England.

Here are three tips to help him fall in love with you, according to Robinson:

* Don't wear perfume. Letting your own natural scent take precedence over an artificial one will help him sniff out important clues about your genetic make-up. Mind you, he'll have no idea he's doing that, but this will subconsciously help him to fall in love.

* To really impress him, keep conversation to a minimum.

* Concentrate on your appearance. Look your best. First impressions are typically based on how we look, rather than what we say.


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