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Bonny Albo
These romantic date ideas aren't the same old, same old you've heard countless times over. We all know that rose petals and candlelit dinners are lovely. But what about when you want a romantic date idea that takes a bit more effort, inventiveness or creativity to pull off, or when you need something to really wow your date in the romance department?

If nothing else, these romantic date ideas should fuel your mind to create something memorable in the romance department. And if you have a romantic date idea you feel should be added to this list, scroll on down to the bottom of the page and add one.

Take a Dance Class Together

Whether you choose a private class or a larger event, a dance class is a romantic date idea as it is an excuse to be affectionate in public with your loved one for an extended period of time. And since there are ample dance classes in North America these days due to all of the dance shows on TV recently (So You Think You Can Dance? and Dancing With the Stars are two that come to mind immediately), you should be able to find one that suits both of your tastes and pocketbook easily.

Do Dinner Differently

You've gone to dinner with your loved one countless times. Why not change dinner into a romantic evening by focusing instead on luxurious meals, tastings or events that cater to the sensual in all of us? Wine and cheese tastings, chocolate making company tours, and even beer breweries fall into this category. Better yet, take a class together to make your own spirits and then make plans to have a romantic date together to uncork your masterpiece.

Go For a Walk

It may seem mundane, but when is the last time you and your sweetie went for a walk together, hand in hand? Surely there are many little scenic spots in your area to explore, together, and of the romantic date ideas in this list, its the cheapest of the bunch. Why not amp up the romance factor even further and pack your own wine and cheese tasting to go, or perhaps you'd rather go for your walk later on in the evening so the two of you can go stargazing instead?

Rent a Boat

For many people, there are few things as romantic as heading out on the water together. Take the scenic route out to the closest marina and rent a boat for the day. Let the rental company know you plan on making the event a romantic date, and they may even provide you with some ideas or props to get the date off on the right start (such as stringing up lights along the deck, providing a romantic dinner for two on board, or offering complimentary massage oils).

Get Your Hands on Each Other

Touch is a crucial aspect of every relationship, and any excuse to touch your partner should be a welcome one. However, depending on where the two of you stand will determine just how much you touch each other on this romantic date idea. New couples could have a reflexology night, where each partner dons a pair of socks with all of the important points already marked, massaging each others' stresses away for the evening. More established couples could take it up a notch and share a bath together, complete with champagne and bubbles (Buy Direct), romantic music and fluffy towels still warm from the dryer.

Bonny Albo

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