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Online dating has become extremely popular over the past several decades. With many people living busy, globe trotting lifestyles revolving around their work, it has become increasingly hard for singles to meet other compatible mates.

a dating system that allows individuals, groups, or even couples the opportunity to meet online and possibly develop a relationship that is social, romantic, and or sexual. While online dating and the posting of free personals has become extremely popular in the recent years, the first computer-based dating services were actually developed in the early to mid 1900s and gained much exposure in the 1960s and 70s.

In recent years, online dating has developed tremendously, growing to include media components such as free personals, video elements, audio/phone capabilities, and other technologically advanced programs that allow people to interact in a very personal and accurate way. Before online dating services were developed, many people feared to use the services because they didn't know who they were talking to, or if the correspondence was with a real person and not just a computer. While there are still some risks and cautions to consider,

online dating has become much more personal and interactive over the years, creating a higher sense of trust in the online dating community.

Online dating has become an extremely popular way to look for a companion. In fact, one popular online dating service has show that they get a staggering average on 60,000 new registrants to their services everyday. There are also over 15 million people who have free personals posted on dating services and about one million paying subscribers from over 246 countries. With numbers like this, there is no doubt that the online dating service will continue to be a dominant force in the dating scene for many years to come.


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