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Go with the flow. You may be making all the right moves and saying all the right things, but sometimes things just dont work out. Be prepared for both positive and negative outcomes. Learning to let things happen and going with the flow is the best way to keep flirting fun.

Carry rejection-protection. Unfortunately, not every flirting scenario is filled with champagne and roses. You will inevitably be shot down by someone you admire. When rejection rears its ugly head, think positively at least you got away before you invested time and money into a miserable relationship.

Remember, context is crucial. You see your crush smooth her skirt. Is she doing it while she shyly chats with you or before she enters the boss office? Make sure you pick up on the right signs to avoid embarrassment.

If at first you dont succeed... Get involved in social situations where you have to interact with potential romantic interests. Experience is the best way to reduce anxiety and improve skills.

Find a flirting mentor. Unhappy with your unsuccessful flirting attempts? The best thing you can do is watch, listen and learn from someone successful. Pay attention to their behaviors and the social cues involved. Then you can fine-tune their ideas and try them yourself.

Cyberflirting is a form of play for adults but be careful. The way in which you flirt online will affect what kind of offline relationship you develop,if the opportunity arises. Think about the consequences of stretching the truth or presenting a more sexualized persona online than you are comfortable with living out.


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