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A long time ago, men used to date women that were younger than them, often even half their age. Today its women who date men younger than them, sometimes even of the ages of their sons. This is already a common state of things and it happened thanks to some great dating tips for women that the roles of the two sexes have changed.

It is very unfair to admit men dating younger women and to repel women dating younger men. Why cant the women do what men have been doing for years and which was considered to be common and normal for them?

There isnt any difference in that and it is time for women to stop thinking about what the rest of the people think about their relationships. Its time for women to be happy in their turn and here are a lot of reasons to do it:

Fun and Excitement A Little Get Up and Go

After a woman has finally raised her children and after having given up a lot of interesting things, such as parties, trips and new activities, she needs to have a life of her own. She would rather choose to go looking for an adventure than sit next to a man of her age in front of the TV, watching David Letterman!

No, no, we dont have anything against David Letterman, but a woman feels the need to go out, to dress up appropriately and feel to be a woman, so when shell have to choose between an old man resting at home and a younger man that usually goes out on Saturday night, she will choose the second one. Of course, there are also exceptions, but the most of women would prefer a nice, exciting adventure.

Responsibilities and Baggage

The most important advantage in dating younger men is that they dont have as many responsibilities and problems as the older men do. These problems and responsibilities include financial support for their children, ex-wives and a lot more of other excess past baggage. Thats why older men wont want to take on their shoulders any more responsibilities for they are hardly moving on with their own. Younger men usually are not yet introduced to these chapters of their lives, so when having to choose between a younger and an older man a woman will surely want to choose the younger one, for he is free of problems.

There are, of course, young men with a past baggage of problems too, but these problems are usually not as big as an older mans. Still, there are a lot of young men in this world with no baggage at all!

Better Sex

This may sound rude and exaggerated to the most of mature men, and they may even feel insulted by it, but this is the way the things are going. Once the years pass, a man begins to lose his forces, his energy and even desire, which he has had when being young. Usually younger men are more interested in sex than older men are, and, vice versa, older women are more interested in sex than younger women are. Once women mature, they get more stable and self-confident, who makes them feel sexy. This truth might create diversions and opposite opinions, but it still remains the truth.

The main difference between younger and older men is that younger men usually have this willingness to experiment and the indifference about what other people say. Younger men also dont pay so much attention to the body, so even when you are worried about your few extra pounds, it doesnt matter, because sex is all that matters to them!

Dating tips for women help, but you will need to find the right one for you. So, after all that has been said above, maybe its time for you to look for a younger man!


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