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Nowadays we live in a high technologically advanced world. Technology helps us to save a lot of time, to make communication much easier, to hear a lot of world news just staying in front of our computer or TV, without exiting our houses. Maybe we dont realize it, but technology has a big role in our lives, just try to imagine a day without electricity: no light, no TV, no computer, no machine working in the house, it seems to be terrible, isnt so? Nowadays we can make the acquaintance of people from other countries, seeing each other through webcams, without visiting that country, and its much easier to make friends through communication technology than to approach a foreigner on the street and ask his/her name. These technologies became usual for us, but unthinkable for our forefathers.

Although it seems very attractive, interesting, and useful, it has some disadvantages. For example people may get used to chatting and forget about real, natural relationships, person-to-person interaction which has a very important role in our life: touching, feeling each other, making families- the foundation of our society. We shouldnt abuse with the technology, otherwise well live in a virtual world, making virtual love and forgetting about our destination on the Earth. Thats why we recommend you to find a balance between high-tech chatting and good old fashioned one-to-one communication. This balance helps us to make strong and lasting relationships with our lovers, friends or family.

There you can find three ways of using efficiently communication technology to connect with new people or just to stay in touch with your old friends. But well also try to warn you about the risk of the abuse of technology. Dont forget about life contact!


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