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Pala Copeland
When you turn the keys of Mind Freedom, you unlock the potential for a truly satisfying union. By paying positive attention to your relationship, focusing on the qualities you want it to exhibit and seeing your part in its evolution, you can break free from limited societal models and forge a bond that is your own creation, uniquely and satisfyingly yours.

Use your Mind Freedom to help transform some of the common relationship fallacies that you are subtly and overtly bombarded with everyday.

Transform:One partner is responsible for taking care of the relationship, and the other is responsible for finance and practicalities of the world.

Into:Both partners share responsibility for their relationship success and for worldly necessities.

Transform: A relationship is such a basic thing that I should know how to do it--there's something wrong with me/you if we don't know how.

Into: Nobody starts out knowing how to do a relationship; it requires lifelong learning.

Transform:A satisfying relationship is based on the right characteristics of the partners.

Into: A satisfying relationship is based on the qualities of the relationship itself which we are equally responsible for creating together.

Transform:Commitment to a relationship means the end of freedom.

Into:Commitment to a relationship provides me with an opportunity to heal myself and thus become truly free.

When you make choices with attention, intention, and awareness, you will discover that your creativity knows no bounds. Reach for your dream and you will unleash resources you did not know you had. In response to the challenge of manifesting your choices, you will develop your knowledge and skill, you will soar beyond all previous limits, and you will unlock the power of synchronicity whereby the Universe and God come to your assistance in astonishing ways. You can have all that you want--true happiness, material abundance, vibrant health, and enduring love.

Pala Copeland

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