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Sarah Gibson
Its true that in the majority of relationships its up to the guy to initiate most of the sex. So when how about it? or your predetermined, repetitive nonverbal cues dont quite cut it you need new ideas and a more subtle seduction strategy to help you entice your lady into bed.

Set the mood

Initiating sex doesnt just have to happen when you are both conveniently in bed, send your partner a sexy text or email earlier in the day to help get her in the mood and let her imagination run wild. Tell her that youve been thinking about her and cant wait to see her; you could even give an indication of exactly what you would like to do to her when she gets home.

Then when you arrive home, set the mood, candlelight and soft music really do work to get women in the mood! You could also add scents or other aids that work for you as a couple.

Cook a romantic meal

After setting the mood why not whip your partner up a treat in the kitchen? Offer her a glass of wine and cook a romantic meal to go with the romantic music and candle light. With that combination shell find it hard to deny your charms.

Even if youre not all that great at cooking, give it a try and start with something simple she will appreciate it and there is always something extremely sexy about watching a man in the kitchen. Dont believe me? Just check out how crazy women go for Gordon Ramsey!

Give a sensual massage

There may be a number of reasons for a woman to turn down your sexual advances - even after youve used your best moves. If headaches, being tired or not being in mood are common excuses in your relationship; dont try your usual moves and wait for the imminent knock-back, try a different tactic. Bring home a bottle of massage oil and offer to give your girl a spine-tingling massage, ask her to undress and lie facedown on the bed, then slowly knead and stroke her from the nape of her neck down to her butt, try to keep it non-sexual, youll soon find that she is in the mood and initiating the sex.

Sexual Soap Suds

After a hard day at work, or at the end of the night, hop in the shower or bath together to relax and unwind. Sensuously soap each other up and when its your turn, linger over her curves and let your hands explore her body with a gentle touch, shell soon want you to jump out of the shower and into bed... But if shes still not quite in the mood, greet her with a big warm towel as she gets out of the bath and lead her into the bedroom to continue the pampering.

Paint your way to success

Women love intimacy, and painting your masterpiece, or letting your partner loose on your body with some colourful edible paint or chocolate body paint will satisfy her craving for intimacy whilst simultaneously getting her in the mood. The beauty of this activity is not only that you both have to remove your clothes to do it, but you also have to touch each others naked bodies and youre sure to want to lick that edible paint off too - sex is almost a foregone conclusion!

Arrange a date

People have busy lives and sometimes its difficult to find the time to dedicate to each other and make love. If thats the case in your relationship then you could try to set aside one evening a week to spend some quality time with your partner. Vary each date to keep things more exciting, you could play a game of strip poker or for a unique way to initiate sex play an adult game, the game will do all of the suggestive stuff, all you need to do is relax, open a bottle of wine and have fun!

Alternatively have a movie night together, hire a movie with a sex scene that you know pushes her buttons and have her favourite snacks at the ready. Go a step further and move your duvet, pillows and blankets into the lounge to create a cosy atmosphere and then touch her body during the movie in a gentle but suggestive way, by the time the sex scenes roll around she should be just about ready to pounce on you, in your perfectly comfortable surroundings!

If, but more likely, when your advances get thwarted, dont take it to heart, youre not necessarily being rejected and more likely than not she still finds you just as sexually attractive as she ever did! Despite all of your best efforts youre unlikely to get lucky 100% of the time quite simply she wont always be up for it. But using the tips above should help you to successfully initiate sex more often. Remember to try and keep things fresh and exciting; when your moves become predictable, its time to make up new ones.
Sarah Gibson

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