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Elena Rover
The first 10 seconds are the key to a great future, says Kathlyn.

Try these three tips for a surefire good first impression:

Get real right away. Say something that gives a true insight into who you are or how you are feeling. It doesnt have to be profound, just real. When you do that, you are inviting someone to meet you from the heart.

Make a positive observation. The topic can be the other person, the scene, anything that you notice and can share with the other person. It establishes a connection and a shared appreciation, a positive place to start.

Declare what you want. Establish your commitment to your absolutes, which makes it clear you have integrity.

Getting What You Want

After you determine your Absolute lists, let people know what they are. More important, be willing to state them to romantic interests as Gay did when he met Kathlyn.

From there, the key is to be genuine, which comes back to the need to love and accept yourself so youre not tempted to present a false view. The value there is not only that your date falls in love with you for who you are, but that you become more attractive. Authenticity creates chemistry, says Kathlyn. Its the best aphrodisiac there is. Say something honest and open, making a connection. It melts walls and arouses a kind of authenticity that is very attractive and has sexual chemistry.

Elena Rover

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