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Jenn Malko
Todays busy world tends to keep us in the office longer so its no wonder we often turn to the workplace to meet our romantic needs. But love and work dont always make a good pair. There could be plenty at stake if things go wrong and taking that chance isnt always worth it when it could lead to you not being able to pay the bills. If youre sitting on the line, wondering whether to pursue a workplace romance, you should consider the following.

Who is it that youre looking to date? Is it the boss? A coworker? Maybe its one of your staff? There are a lot of different relationships that could develop and a bunch of situations that could arise as a result. Dating your boss could be beneficial unless things go bad. You could find yourself out of a job! Dating someone in a less-senior post could be grounds for corporate hot water, depending on your workplace policies. And if you date a coworker, your job may not be in danger, but your healthy workday existence could be put into jeopardy. No matter what the situation is, dating anyone from work comes with a price tag that you may not be willing to pay.

Love has a funny way of working but workplace romances are about as serious as it gets."

Workplace romances need a good why. If its for love honest, open and pure, its worth it every time. If its based on lust or like, you are venturing into the danger zone. Have you considered what it would be like in a worse case scenario? Do that and ask yourself if its worth it. If its hard enough dragging yourself into work every day when you enjoy it, just imagine what it would be like if you had a great reason to hate it!

Despite our obvious prejudice, dating sites offer a logical alternative. Not only do you avoid all the issues involved in an office romance, but you can also still look for love even at work! Online dating is a 24/7 lifestyle. Its there for you when you need it and on your terms. There are many sites out there so no matter what your need, you should find a community that speaks to you. Check out our reviews and see for yourself. Youre bound to find other options that are more attractive without putting yourself in a difficult position.

Love has a funny way of working but workplace romances are about as serious as it gets. If the right one appears, you have to take your shot, no matter what the possible outcome might be. But if you are still questioning your judgment, Id recommend searching out other options before landing love in the workplace.

Jenn Malko

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