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Chris Tyler
Most guys are never going to get past the point where they want the girl more than she wants you. And this is exactly what you need to do if you want to deal with less problems, attract more women, and really have a much better sex life in general.

See, most guys don't make their girls hot with desire. They make them feel all warm and cuddly. Who gets laid and who pays? The guy that makes her hot with desire gets laid and the guy that makes her feel all warm and gooey inside pays. That's how it works, fellas.

If you want women to swoon all over you and rock your world, then you have to make them hot with desire and there is no other way of getting around that. Think about it. Why be the guy that opens all of the doors and pays for all of the meals and still ends up with his hand as his best friend?

Doesn't make sense, does it?

So, why are you still trying the same old things to try to make her like you. Make her want you instead. And trust me, there is a HUGE difference!

Do you have to become a jerk? NO!

But, you cannot continue to be a push over and expect that to work. Switch it up. Make her feel the uneasiness of wondering if you really like her. Make her feel the heat from seeing you give other girls some attention now and again

Most of all, don't do what 99% of all guys do. You want her to WANT YOU and not the other way around!

Chris Tyler

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