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Shaun Michaels
Is She Sending Flirting Signals? Find Out If She Has the Hots For You

Sometimes, women can drive us out of our minds - and that's stating it mildly. They just seem to cast this certain spell to us men leaving us dumbfounded and totally mesmerized. If they do it so easily, how come we're still plagued of the eternal challenge of trying to attract women towards us? What can be the ultimate answer to all? Well, one thing we need to consider is how to read her body language - once we got that cleared, knowing what a woman wants will be something we can do as easy as breathing. So on your next date, forget getting paranoid and asking yourself if she is sending flirting signals - below are sure fire signs she is. Get to decode her body language now.

She keeps staring. Eye contact is one way for everybody to unconsciously let someone know they're interested - not just the usual eye contact but intense, prolonged eye contact. Nothing beats that if you want to flirt your way through a woman's heart. Once she keeps staring and tries to maintain your gaze, that's a true sign she's into you.

She's a bit giggly.When a girl starts to get attracted to you, she will find means to try and grab your attention - sometimes they can get pretty playful and teasing to make that happen. So when she starts to talk way louder than usual and gets all giggly than what she intends, she's having a little hard time trying to get her emotions out of control. She's totally under your spell now.

She leans over. Attraction can lead you to do many naughty things - one of them is the need to get close. A need to get close means a need to touch so when she starts a little touchy with you (even for a few brief moments, but is constant with it) she is totally flirting at you, my man. Try to initiate a bit more intimacy - she can never resist that.

She licks her lips.She may be feeling really sexy and sensual around you tonight when she's starting to get a little playful with her lips. Licking and biting them would mean she's totally about to pounce on you any moment - of course, she's restraining herself to do that. Take it as a go signal to get naughtier with her. She may be yearning for a kiss sooner or later.

Do you want to become a master when it comes to the art of flirting and be an absolute expert in reading types of flirt signals? Is she sending you flirting signals? Do you have what it takes to be an expert with women and know more on how to arouse a woman and other seduction tips for men? Unravel more secrets of seduction and other seduction methods by visiting my website right now. It holds all amazing techniques on how to be great and sensual with women you thought you'd never get a chance with!

Shaun Michaels

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