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Illana Berger
I teach 12 spiritual principles to facilitate the discovery of this truth.

The twelve principles are:

1. The Principle of Design Beneath Chaos

There are no accidents in life. All things are as they should be. Everything that happens in your life happens for the evolution of your consciousness - or for your personal transformation and growth.

2. The Principle of Release and Faith

Faith means, "believing in things not yet seen." Out of a willingness to step into the river of life and let it carry you to the shore of your destiny - surrendering to the way things are - life delivers you opportunities to change for the better. You can begin to trust that there is a greater plan that you are not fully aware of.

3. The Principle of Humility

Your upsets are your emotional baggage. When you are willing to get out of your own way and let go of your defenses, you become humble. Humility is the doorway through which the Divine can enter your life and co-create a life with heart and meaning.

4. The Principle of Meditation

Finding spaces and silences allows the truth of who you are to emerge. Meditation provides an opportunity to enter into a deep relationship with your Divine nature and find the peace that exists in-between your being and your doing. You can begin to dis-identify with your feelings and see your experiences with some objectivity.

5. The Principle of Awareness

According to awareness practices, what you focus on determines your experiences and the level of your suffering. Becoming aware of what inspires your actions begins the profound process of self-knowing. Who is acting? Who is watching? Who is thinking? This is awareness.

6. The Principle of Self-Empowerment

Self-Empowerment is the ability to respond from a place of personal power. You begin to see how you have chosen the perfect partner and/or events in your life to teach you the perfect lessons. You could not have learned them on your own. You begin to sense that there is a reason for all of it and you have the ability now to inquire.

7. The Principle of Choice

Once you understand the design in your life, you can see that you have choices and have always had choices and that there are no wrong choices in life only the consequences.

8. The Principle of Forgiveness

You now understand what your self-defeating behaviours have been and are beginning to learn how to act instead of react in difficult situations and encounters. You are now able to ask the Universe to forgive yourself and others.

9. The Principle of Presence

The awakening to Presence is the conscious experience of the process of living itself. Life is a flow, a stream, of aliveness of awareness. There are no judgments, no opinions, just awe. And the magic begins when you can step outside of the mind and just be.

10. The Principle of Generosity

Once present, you become aware that there is a wellspring that lives inside you. Generosity grows and inspires you to do actions consistent with your true nature, which originate from the core of your being. The Principle of Generosity implies a willingness to be unselfish and serve something greater than yourself.

11. The Principle of Gratitude

You begin to see the gifts all around you and in every situation and every person who has ever been, or will ever be in your life. Gratitude wants to give, wants to make a difference. It wants to serve.

12. The Principle of Possibilities

From this place of knowing yourself and loving yourself, the whole world becomes the ground of potential the ground of possibilities. The past is irrelevant, the future does not exist there is only now and from this place of now, you can respond to the world from the highest expression of who you really are!

Living these spiritual principles is what Rainer Marie Rile meant when he suggested living into the answers. To live and practice these twelve spiritual principles means stepping onto a path with heart. It is a journey whose rewards are without measure. You have the ability to heal not only your own life, but, the lives of your children and grandchildren as well as the generations that came before you. I always tell my clients, "your ancestors dreamed you into this lifetime. Find out why, find out what dream they hoped you would fulfill." This is the great mystery of life.

Illana Berger

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