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Jessi Bee
10. Getting physical with yourself

Getting physical with yourself works like a charm. No, not physical with yourself like that (although, that works too!)just harmless, innocent stuff. Aimlessly touch your face and neck while in conversation over dinner. Give yourself a quick neck rub like you have a sore muscle and just happen to accidentally look really sexy while doing it. Bottom line: any seemingly innocent movement and activity you can do that looks or sounds sexy is going to make your sweetie think about doing dirty deeds. Its just more fun when they dont know you meant for them to think that all along.

9. Order a sexy new toy online

Order a sexy new toy online and, without saying anything beforehand, have it delivered to a place and time where your loved one will be the one to receive it. Message sent, loud and clear.

8. Flirting.

Flirting with other people is a dangerous game that should be played rarely and carefully. Im not usually in favor of jealous-inducing tactics. But if youre secure about your partners security, being just sexy and flirty enough to get others attention is a great way to bring out the primal, territorial instinct in your mate. If you make it look like other people want you, without making it look like you want them, it can be the perfect formula for harmless jealousy that will make your lover want to take you home and make you remember why youre with them in the first place.

7. Up the touch factor.

Even if your sweetie is used to you being affectionate and hands-on, you can make alterations to how and where you place your hands to have a whole new affect. Soft, lingering touches communicate something much sexier than a firm pat on the back. Placing your hands on their hips and subtly pulling your bodies closer together while talking will make his heart rate speed up, guaranteed. Its biology; if you have lovin on your mind, get your bodies closer together. Its a great way to get the desired effect.

6. Get silly.

By starting a playful game of keep-away or good-natured teasing, you are subconsciously taking your relationship momentarily back to the adolescent days of silly picking on each other and sexual tension. As adults in an already sexual relationship, these moments of juvenile playtime rarely end in anything other than sex.

5. Break routine.

turn a normal goodbye peck of a kiss into a real kiss. Turn that real kiss into a little make-out session. And that make-out session becomeswell, you get the idea. The point is, wordlessly and unexpectedly turning an ordinary interaction into an extemporaneous sex-capade is a fun surprise no one could say no to.

4. Come on, follow me.

If you are out in public and want your sweetie to sneak away with you to the coat closet or youre at home and just want them to go play in the bedroom, simply get up, start walking away and then turn back and give them the come on, follow me. Theyll get the idea.

3. Sex Eyes.

I dont care if youve just met through internet dating or have been married 20 years, the sex eyes work. You know the look. By this point in your life, Im hoping youve perfected that look because it is one of the most tried and true tools in any seductive arsenal.

2. Wear it.

Remember that dress you wore that time you had that infamous romp in the bathroom of your favorite restaurant? Wear it. Itll always bring up sexy thoughts in his head and will automatically set the tone for the night.

1. Your Lips.

Touch / lick your lips more while talking. Not in a cheesy, porn star way. Be subtle. After a few minutes, your partner will be completely distracted thinking about your mouth in illicit situations. He may not realize you were thinking about sex, but he sure as hell will be.
Jessi Bee

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