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Skye Thomas
There is a loneliness that comes with personal growth. Its not from a needy place, but from a realization that as we evolve, we often end up leaving dysfunctional friends and relatives behind. It can be frightening and a bit unnerving to actually take those steps down the path less traveled. Until we find new like-minded people to hang out with, we need a bit of reassurance that nothing bad will happen while we travel alone for awhile.

These articles discuss the stuff that is a bit more personal in nature unlike the other areas that cover how we get along with others or how we get along with the heavens. These articles have more to do with how we get along with ourselves. Personal growth and self-help doesnt have to mean that youre messed up or that theres anything wrong that needs fixed. It just means that you are taking control of your approach to life, your habits, your choices, and the overall direction of your personal development and self-empowerment. The articles in this category are about the gifts we give ourselves and the gifts we withhold from ourselves and why.

Skye Thomas

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