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Stephen petullo
After more than 25 years of empirical research involving relationships, spirituality, compatibility assessment and match making, we discovered that too many people fall into these three love life traps:

Love Life Trap #1: Assuming you have only one soul mate

Love Life Trap #2: Waiting for a perfect match

Love Life Trap #3: Expecting all romantic relationships to endure blissfully for an entire lifetime

These beliefs are detrimental to your emotional well-being. They often lead to grave disappointment, heartbreak, despair, and loss of peace of mind when your love life unfolds differently than you had expected.

Getting caught in these love life illusions will prevent you from living your highest potential. It can even cause you to forfeit unconditional, authentic love while you embrace fantasies and unrealistic hopes.

Why Most People Fall Into These Love Life Traps

Many have made these mistakes for two main reasons:

1. From an early age, romantic movies, fairytales and other external influences have conditioned many people to strive for unrealistic love relationship models.

2. They think to themselves, "Well, Ive heard of many couples having the ideal relationship, being together happily for fifty years or longer. If they can do it, I can too.

Unfortunately, everyones love life is different. Some are destined to have an enduring, satisfying love life right now. Some may be slated for that later in life. And, others may have totally different love life circumstances, beyond their control.

Its okay to strive and hope for what you want in love and in life. But it's a good idea to be as realistic as possible at the same time.

If you think about it, it makes more sense that everyone has many soul mates because everyone is always evolving, changing, improving, and sometimes regressing at different rates. Its also a mistake to expect one person to fulfill all of your love life demands. That's a lot of pressure for anyone!

Falling into these love life traps repeatedly trip up even the most intelligent and otherwise successful people, so don't feel bad. You can choose to opt-out of them and make the most of your love life, whether you are single or involved.

So, if you have fallen into at least one of the three love life traps, what can you do about it?

Stephen petullo

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