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Tips for Escaping Love Traps

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Stephen Petullo
1. Understand that everyones love life cycles are different. You will go through natural, romantic ups and downs throughout your life, and you will emerge from the unpleasant parts in time.

2. Understand that the notion that everyone has only one soul mate will cause many problems. Metaphysical research shows that everyone has many soul mates, and that some are much more compatible than others. If you would like to be involved with a soul mate, be confident that you will connect with another soul mate, and that you will love again.

3. Stop worrying about finding someone who will be compatible for an entire lifetime. All relationships appear to have unique destined beginnings and endings. Some are meant to be short-term (even if the couple chooses to stay together as roommates), and some are meant to be long-term. Surely, youve experienced a friendship that has run its course. Love relationships are similar in that way.

4. Embrace shorter-term bonds as learning opportunities instead of viewing them as failed relationships. Whether or not you learned from the experience is of most importance, not how many years you were together. Cherish the lessons, rewards as well as the chance to be together and share one anothers lives.

5. Dont worry about being a perfect partner or all things to one person. Instead, accept the fact that this is impossible and that you are both free to develop enriching and rewarding friendships that will positively influence you and your relationship.

If you follow our advice and view your love life from a different perspective, you can drastically reduce stress and heartache. Now, wouldn't you rather have the peace of mind that comes from understanding the true nature of romantic love?

Think of the time and heartache youll save and the frustration youll avoid when you stop trying to manifest what is not meant to be and adopt a more emotionally healthy perspective.

Stephen Petullo

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