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The Psychology of Love

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Pawlik Kienlen
These are effective, easy ways to build a great romantic relationship - so dont let love psychology scare you! Instead, focus on these practical ways to say I love you and enjoy the rewards of a healthy relationship.

7 Easy Ways to Build a Great Romantic Relationship

1. Make a gourmet meal together. Whether you both love cooking or never set foot in the kitchen, spend a few hours picking a mouth-watering recipe, shopping for ingredients, and slicing and dicing, shaking and baking, tasting and tantalizing. Heres a little love psychology: have a glass of wine, put on some Diana Krall, and enjoy a long evening of flavors and textures.

2. Indulge your partner. She loves pedicures or bouquets of flowers? Surprise her when its not her birthday, your anniversary, or Valentines Day. He loves expensive Scotch or tickets to the opera. Surprise him. Indulge him. This a little love psycholgy, and an easy way to build a great romantic relationship.

3. Read a book together. Try this before you go to bed: spend 15 minutes a night reading out loud from a book. It can be a sensual novel to get things flowing, or a spiritual book to start deep discussion. Take turns picking books. This love psychology is designed to get you focused on each other. Youll learn things you never knew about your partner.

4. Get a little domestic. A recent study revealed that men who do housework have more sex. If youre the sloppy one whether youre male or female look around your house. Are there toys everywhere, dishes in the sink, messy beds, and messy toilets? Get busy. The 10 minutes it takes to take on a chore is one easy way to build a great relationship.

5. Give the benefit of the doubt. Your partner probably isnt deliberately trying to hurt you with her choices, words, or actions. This is where love psychology can get a little complicated, because couples have history together, and sometimes theres more to being late, for example, than simply being late. However, the more you assume innocence and sincerity on your partners part, the more kindly youll view him or her. Once you two are seeing each other with compassion and generosity, youre on your way to building a great romantic relationship.

6. Be spiritual together. Whether its hiking in nature, meditating, or going to church together find ways to connect with the universe together. Talk about God, Buddha, Allah, Jehovah. Explore the possibilities of spirituality in your marriage or relationship.

7. Get back to the basics. Learn the general behavior patterns for women and men, and dismiss them if they dont apply to your partner. For instance, not all women like to shop and not all men forget anniversaries. Not all women need to talk things out and not all men love sports. Verse yourself in the basics of love psychology or general human behavior, and apply them to your partner or dismiss them if they dont fit. But, if you remember that most women need to talk about stuff, youll be one step closer to building a great romantic relationship!

Pawlik Kienlen

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