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Alan Bentley
Have You Been Through Hard Relationships?

Alan Bentley

You can always find something to take away from any kind of experience that you have. They say that "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger," and this is certainly true. You may have just finished a hard relationship and are wondering why you even bothered, but you do have a lot to think about and remember to utilize for future experiences.

If you have just broken up with a partner after a long time together, especially if it was rather an unpleasant experience, you need to look and find out what went wrong. You shouldn't say that you you are just going to look forward and not try and remember anything because you should try and learn from your mistakes, if appropriate and try and avoid going through such a hard relationship again.

We all have the ability to bounce back from the most unpleasant things in our life and this is just a trait that we have as humans. Time is very much the healer and is able to help us as we come out of what we consider at the time to be almost unbearable.

No two people are the same and this is what makes the world go round. When two people get together with the prospect of spending their life as one, there will inevitably be a need for compromise. Even though you may think you know somebody quite well and have enjoyed a lengthy courtship, you will nevertheless continue to learn about your love interest as long as you are together. While you may consider that you are having a hard relationship from time to time, remember that life has its ups and downs.

Generally speaking, you need to value and treasure the little idiosyncrasies that your prospective partner will exhibit to you. You will only find out about these mannerisms over time and you need to remember that if you're going through a hard relationship at this particular moment, that life is full of these ups and downs and you should expect them.

In order for us to learn adequately, it is unfortunate that we all have to go through hard relationships come what may. Remember that each person has his own way of looking at things and there are two sides to the coin. As such, you should always ask yourself whether you are the major contributor to a problem and if so, what can you do to help fix it. By doing this, you will invariably be able to get through everything and move on to better times.

While you may have fallen in love at first sight with your guy, at all costs do not make any kind of commitments until you have allowed a lengthy period of time to go by. Rushing into something will never work in the long-term as you need to really find out who he is and he needs to do the same with you. Physical attraction is one thing, but there's a lot more to it than that.

Life has a way of balancing itself out and by the law of averages the fact that you might have just gone through a very hard relationship will likely be counterbalanced by a very pleasant one just around the corner. Keep your chin up and be positive at all times.

Alan Bentley

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