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Rules For Ladies In Love

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Shelly Davidson

Rules For Ladies In Love

Have you ever had a girlfriend who'd ditch her friends, you included, for a guy? Let's say the two of you made plans for the museum on Saturday afternoon. When Saturday morning rolled around, she changed her plans to be with a guy she'd just met. Being the understanding friend that you are, you caved and said that it was fine.

But deep down, you're resentful and you're starting to feel neglected. Well guess what? Men don't break their plans with other men to spend an evening with you. Think about that before doing cancelling your night out with the girls to spend it with a guy. In all honesty, if he cares about you at all, he'd tell you to go out and enjoy yourself and make a suggestions for another time.

Business has a policy of "first come, first served". Well, I think relationships should be like that too. A strong relationship with a man is not going to wither and die because you spend time with friends now and again. In fact, it should strengthen your relationship because it shows your guy that you have a life outside of him. Your friends are just as important as your new sweetie; you've known them longer.

While you're reading this you're probably saying to yourself that a woman should never let a her friends come between her and her man. Well the flip side of that is true as well; a woman should never let her man come between her and her friends. It's too bad that we all know someone who's done that, and we may even be looking at her in the mirror. And when the friends are dropped, all that extra time is spent with the new guy.

This new guy becomes their whole life. Phone calls to friends become a thing of the past. Your chats are no longer needed as she thinks this new man is all she needs. Her work may suffer as well as other parts of her personal life. And you're thinking "I would never let that happen to me", but it's often not a conscientious decision.

Love is supposed to complement who you are. It's not supposed to leave you brain dead and lose your friends and maybe even your job. If the relationship doesn't last, you'll need your friends more than ever. The same people that you don't have time for now will be the one picking up the pieces when your lover hits the road.

Though your friends may not say it to your face, they likely want to but didn't for fear of ruining what is left of your friendship. Your most caring friends will keep their mouth shut and give you a much needed hug while you pour out your sob story. Which, incidentally, was entirely of your own making.

If the man you are seeing is not able to understand that you have a life outside of him, then you don't need him. A woman needs to remember that she does not have to lose her identity just to be in love or involved in a relationship.

Shelly Davidson

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