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Why Attractive Girls Are Cold

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Patrick Huey
Why Attractive Women Are So Cold

Youre walking down the street somewhere, or shopping at a mall, or sitting at a restaurant or bar, and then you see her. That beautiful woman youve had your eye on since who knows when. You feel your heart racing, your pulse pick up, your eyes beginning to widen. You approach her and attempt to say something witty, but you become tongue-tied. Eventually, you find the words to say and gush over her appearance, telling her how beautiful she is, how you would like to get to know her, etc. She gives you a half-interested look, says thank you, and politely brushes you off. You may wonder to yourself, why did she just blow me off so rudely like that?

For most attractive women, this scenario is a common occurence. Men continually come on them every day, even when they are not consciously doing so. Most people in our society have been conditioned since birth that attractive people are special and deserve to be treated differently from your average person. Therefore, men usually attempt to go out of their way to attract beautiful women in extravagant ways, like buying flashy clothes, jewellery, fancy cars, or other expensive gadgets, or they spend hours in the gym working on their bodies so they can attract that really gorgeous female. For some of these men, it may initially attract these women, but the women later become disenchanted with these antics and usually end up dumping these same men.

So why do beautiful women act so rude to most men? And is there any chance for an average-looking guy to go out with a stunningly beautiful woman?

In reality, most beautiful women are not rude or bitchy by nature; its just that their beauty tends to attract more people to them on a daily basis. When a beautiful woman travels somewhere, whether its going to work, or the coffee shop, the supermarket, or at the bar, she is constantly approached by eager males, and most of these men always want something from her, most often a phone number or date. Even men who are not actively attempting to hit on her tend to act differently in front of her and offer her more attention than usual or give special favors to her. Well, she doesnt have enough time in the day to go out with all of these men, regardless of how nice they are to her, so she has to develop some way of screening them out. Therefore, she acts out by putting up a protective mental shield, which is a way for her to discard all of the men she is not attracted to and seek out those men who she feels have some more interesting to offer her.

Now you may be wondering, Im not rich or look like a rock star or professional athlete, so how can I hook up with a really gorgeous woman like that?

Well, in your eyes, this woman my be incredibly attractive. However, even the most beautiful woman has insecurities and worries about how she looks. You may feel yourself trying not to stare at her butt as she walks down the street in her shapely dress or blue jeans, but she may worry that she is too fat or is gaining too much cellulite in her thighs. Or she my believe that she is too flabby in her waist. She may have female friends who think that she eats too much ice cream or comments on how her hair is too greasy or frizzy, or that she breaks out with pimples too often. She may have family members who talk about how she has dragon breath in the morning or makes monkey sounds when she laughs.

So if you want to approach a really beautiful woman and have a conversation with her, and you find yourself getting nervous when you try to say something, just remember that she is human like you are and has her not-so-pretty moments. Instead of gushing over her beauty, trying to say something corny or using a bad pick up line, think of how she may look with food in her teeth, or slipping on the sidewalk, on sitting on the toilet, or some other embarassing or mundane situation as you approach her, and you will feel yourself becoming much less nervous around her. You can then say hi to her, but DONT compliment her on her looks before you go into an extended conversation.

Youre probably wondering, why would I not compliment her on her looks or tell her how beautiful she is? Well, because she is always being complimented by other men about her beauty every day!

If you approach her like a regular person and not a desperate guy trying to go out with her, she will notice that you are not like the other men she sees. She will then wonder why you didnt tell her how pretty she is, and this will stoke up her insecurities. And ususally when this happens, she will approach YOU and attempt to win your approval of her. This will surely help to build up your confidence, and before you know it, she will be asking you for a date or your phone number.

Patrick Huey

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