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Tips For Long Distance Relations

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Timothy Gomez
Tips For Long Distance Relationships

It's difficult enough to keep any relationship going, what more if it's a long distance relationship? Nowadays, although it's easier to maintain communication with your loved one even though they are miles away, long distance relationships still prove to be more challenging than the usual ones.

In the Philippines, the prevalence of working overseas has given made many relationships challenging. Ever since jobs were available in the Middle East or as a seaman, many fathers have endured sending letters to the Philippines several times a month. Not only long distance romances are difficult, it's also difficult to keep a relationship with your child who is in a different country. The current technology has made sending letters to the Philippines easier.

Aside from one-day courier services, the advent of electronic messaging, instant messengers, and short message services, has definitely made things a whole lot easier. Whether you are one of those regularly sending letters to the Philippines to keep a romance going or one of those standing by the webcam to catch a glimpse of your family, below are some tips that could help you in keeping that long distance relationship strong.

Keep in touch. It does not matter how you keep in touch. What matters is you do, whether by email, regular mail, text messages, or phone calls. Make sure that there's regular communication between you and your loved one.

Be involved. Once you're regularly in touch with the other person, this becomes easier. Aside from being a regular sender of letters or notes, be a presence in your loved one's life. Update yourself on what's happening in his or her life and try to have your presence felt whenever he or she is in need. Surprises. Being a thousand miles away does not mean you cannot surprise your loved one especially on special occasions.

Get help from your other friends who are also located in the country she or he is in. The internet allows you to send gifts even during random times. Trust. This is one of the most important things you need to remember when you're in a long distance relationship. Since the two of you are far away from each other, trust plays a bigger role in making your relationship work.

Timothy Gomez

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