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Sometimes it may seem as if males and females are talking in different languages. So the saying goes "Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus". There are gender differences in communication. Because males and females are socialized differently, they often learn to communicate differently. This does not mean that all females communicate one way and all males communicate another. However, as you and I know that when we communicate as couples the differences do exist. One way that we as couples can look at this and evaluate this is that men and women have different goals when they communicate.

Women often use communication to get closer to others, while Men tend to use communication to get across information and gain control. When this occurs it can be difficult for men and women to communicate effectively. But its important to remember that everyone is different, and broad generalizations do not always hold. If you and your partner have different communication styles, try to learn from each other so you both can broaden your communication skills.

Growing and learning as a couple with make you stronger and leave you both feeling fulfilled. Setting goals together and achieving them will bring you closer as a couple. We sometimes forget that a relationship is often compared to a full time job, and in a way that is true. If you keep working as hard at your relationship as you do at work everything will fall into place. They say that the only thing that can let you down are your own expectations. So set reachable goals together and put what you both know together as a couple and reach for the top.


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