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Ideas for Wedding Proposals

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Ideas for surprise wedding proposals

Want to surprise your girlfriend or boyfriend with a marriage proposal? Here are some ideas that may inspire you.

When two people have been together for quite some time, questions about marriage and proposals start popping up from every corner. Parents and friends have begun to badger you about when you are planning on proposing. Maybe your partner has even started asking if the relationship will be taken to the next level anytime soon. Sure, you can grab your partner and start looking at rings together which would unofficially mark your engagement, but what fun is that? If you want to surprise your partner with a wedding proposal they will talk about for years to come, here are some ideas that might inspire you.

If you suddenly take your honey out for a weekend getaway to an exotic location, she may figure out that something marital is amiss. This is why you want to aim for total and complete unexpectedness. Maybe you order out pizza and watch movies on Friday nights. Offer to pick up the movies alone. Get some wedding-inspired movies that she loves like Steel Magnolias or Betsys Wedding. Hide the ring box in the pizza box. When you get home, pop the first movie in and set the pizza down in front of you. When she sees which movie you have picked, she will be wondering why you picked it. For a slightly comedic touch, get down on your knee and open the pizza box as if it were the ring box.

Maybe you and your girlfriend love to see new movie releases. Speak to the theater manager beforehand and find out how much it would be to rent one of the slides from the slide show that usually comes on before the feature presentation. Seeing what the reason is for, they may even let you do it for free. With the help of the theater staff, come up with a design for the slide that will get the point across. Maybe you can have the slide read, Sarah, will you marry me? If you want to get a little more creative, have the sign read something like, Sarah Goodman, report to the concession stand immediately. You can be by the concession stand ready to propose.

One romantic way to propose to your girlfriend is to send her on a scavenger hunt. Naturally, she might sense something is going on if you send her on a random scavenger hunt in the middle of the year, so try to schedule it on an important holiday like Valentines Day, your anniversary day or her birthday. This way, she will think the scavenger hunt has nothing to do with a possible proposal. The final clue will send her to you (pick a romantic destination like the site of your first date, a favorite restaurant or a special spot in a park) where you will be waiting ready to propose.

If your girlfriend has a group of good friends where she works, get them in on the fun. Have her manager or boss call a group meeting that she must attend with the rest of her colleagues. The meeting can begin as most do with talks of new projects or the statuses of old projects. Once the meeting has truly become boring, the manager or boss can open up a Power Point presentation. One of the slides within should be a proposal from you to her. When she reads it and looks utterly confused, walk in and propose to her.

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