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Jed Baguio
5 Things You Should Focus When Writing Personals.

Having problems writing a personal ad? Writing, erasing, writing and erasing again. Most people have gone through that stumbling block when writing personal ads.

Well that going to change, with this simple article, I will enumerate the 5 most important qualities that you should focus on writing a personal ad that gets noticed.

I. Describe yourself - Describe yourself fully and specifically. This is easier said than done. Sit and analyze yourself and understand who you really are. Specifically describe your personality. Are you outgoing? Serious or adventurous.

II. Describe what you expect - Now that you described who you are, the next step is what are you expectations. Don't waste time trying to be elaborate stuffs. Cut through the clutter with clear expectations and don't be too narrow minded either. But as a general rule in psychology, "likeness or sameness attracts".

III. Start writing your personals ads - Now that you know who you are and what you expect. Then start writing them down. It's better if you use simple but rather attractive and unique description. Less is more applies here. Make it sound like spontaneous and truthful.

IV. Extra effort for spice - What I mean is go extra mile or brainstorm for another hour of thinking ways to add more personality to your copy. You can read other peoples personals just to get ideas, but remain truthful. Don't write that you love dogs just to sound cool when you really hate dogs. Also find ways to break away from patterns that make your personal ad common.

V. Honesty is the best policy - I can't stress this enough. If you're aiming for a long lasting relationship, then you're doing yourself a favor by telling the truth. It's already hard sustaining a relationship even if the couples are truthful. Imagine what would be if it were all based on lies?

There you have it. By following these simple guidelines, hopefully you'll be on your way to writing personal ads that produce results.

Jed Baguio

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