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There are some people you hit it off with instantly. They may not share your tastes and interests and you may not even have much to say to them: but feeling of warmth and closeness unities you, nevertheless. And there are some people you are not going to get along with. You may be physically attracted to them and they may be interested in the same things like youbut somehow, something, somewhere keeps you from getting close.

Why is this? Is it one of the mysteries of life? May be. But the Zodiac has its own explanation. Like everything else in astrology, it has to do with the star you were born under. If you start seeing people as being Cancerians, Pisceans or whatever, and then suddenly the pieces of this complex jigsaw puzzle of compatibility begin to fit.

Ariens are fiery, independent people who get along socially with Geminians. But when it comes to love, Geminians are out. Now, the Arien is drawn ram-like to Leos, Librans or Sagittarians.

Taureans are great friends with Cancerians, the former are reserved and smug while the latter are quiet and intense. Its Virgoans, Scorpios and Capricornians, however that they end up marrying. And there must be a masochistic streak somewhere in the sign of Taurus. Why else do so many of them have passionate, one-way, unrequited affairs with Librans or Sagittarians?

If the Zodiac has a fun-loving sign, its Gemini. Chortling and chuckling, Geminians go through life seeking a good time and getting along with everyone. But the passion is strongest when their mates happen to be Leos, Librans, Sagittarians, Aquarians or Ariens. Otherwise, its fun, but be careful, that laughing Geminians may be getting something on the side too.

Cancerians are, it has been said, the suckers of the Zodiac. Free with love, quick to form emotional attachments, they are destined to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortunes. What makes it worse is that even when they have a good thing, their sensitive nature makes them feel emotionally starved. Such people need loving care only Scorpios, Pisceans, Virgoans can give it to them.

Leos burns bright, rising from one success to another, often regarding their mates as mere appendages or consorts. They want consistency, an enduring relationship and a well-ordered world. Sagittarians and Aquarians are right for them and only the lion can tame the Arien.

According to the zodiac, Virgo is the virgin and this may explain why so many of them go in for arranged marriage early in life. And should a Virgo not marry, he or she will spend the rest of his or her life looking for mate. Pisceans and Taureans are what the doctor ordered though Cancerians too, fit the bill.

Librans are the narcissists of the Zodiac. In love with themselves, they want the whole world for a rival. When they marry, it is often to an Arien but while the wife stays at home, the Libran male makes his own kind of music. And should two Librans get together, it is an affair to remember. Otherwise Aquarians and Geminians will do.

Scorpios are called passionate by those who like them and sex-maniacs by those who dont. Strong-willed and domineering, they are prone to moodiness, to sulks and depressions and to intense involvements. But if you are a Piscean, a Taurean, and particularly a Cancerian, then there can be no better mate than a Scorpio.

Sagittarians are the voyeurs of the Zodiac, preferring to watch without getting involved. And when they do have affairs, they keep saying to themselves this is just a phase and searching for a way out till they are trapped by Ariens, Geminians or Leos.

Career comes first to a Capriconian. Money, success, power, these are their aphrodisiacs. And once they have them they will happily settle down with Pisceans, Taureans and Virgoans. Oddly enough, they often make good marriages with Cancerians. Cancer looks after the home, Capricorn after the cash register, and opposites attract.

Aquarians are the Zodiacs exhibitionists. Proud of their sexual prowess, obsessed by their looks, they submit potential mates to gruelling tests before finally marrying, usually late in life. Leos and Libra are the right signs for Aquarians and Geminians just about OK.

Pisceans are dreamers and incorrigible romantic searching for the ideal mate, often going from one brief involvement to another till finally they come up against a Cancerian with a similar dream, and the search is over. Virgos and Scorpios also vibe well with Pisceans but flirty Geminians and hard-hitting Ariens are out.


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