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Simple ways to Staying Fit: A good way to simplify your life is to stay fit and eat right. You should not have to worry every second of the day about what you are eating or how many calories you are taking in. Make staying fit simple and easy and you will want to do it.

Watch your Portions.

Do not take more food than you will eat. Try to eat at restaurants that serve reasonable rather than all you can eat portions. These restaurants that serve larger portions encourage us to overeat and to get the most for our money. Eat only until you are full. Take the leftovers home in a doggy bag and eat them later when you are hungry.

Eat moderately but regularly.

If you skip meals, this often leads to eating too much, too fast, and the wrong foods. If you are a traveler, the boredom of long flights or evenings at motels with nothing to do but eat leads to overeating.

A few things to remember are:

Do not eat just because it is there.

Read a book rather than eat another snack.

Avoid room service even if it is covered by the expense account.

Exercise regularly to maintain physical control and you can do this when there is nothing else to do.

Eat Slowly and Exercise.

If you eat slower, you will feel full sooner. One thing that helps is to put your fork down between bites. Exercise as much as you can, but do not over due it. If you exercise too much too fast you will only hurt yourself instead of helping.

Start slow and then add increasingly as you go. It is better to do a little exercise three times a week than a burst of exercise once a month. Even a small amount of activity can awaken your spirits, and encourage self-discipline, and relieve stress and give you a healthier outlook.

Walk whenever possible. If it is hard to get outside and walk then take the stairs instead of the elevator. Adapt exercise to fit your individual schedule. If you have children, grab some exercise while they are napping. If your work during the day, then take a morning jog before you shower. Figure out what will work for you. Some people prefer to work out with a partner. You can keep each other motivated.

Know Your Limits

Stay within a health calorie range. Your doctor can help you with guidelines for you based on your age, height, desired weight, and metabolism. Setting limits, helps control your appetites rather than your appetites controlling you.

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