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by Carl DiNello
A Man's Pocket Watch Offers Prestige!

Timekeeping technology has indeed come a very long way from the days of noisy gears and creaking timepieces. Today, the most practical watches come in the form of wristwatches that not only tell the time, but can also offer a host of other information.

Modern watches can be both electronic or mechanical in nature. Unlike old mechanical watches, today's mechanical watches are precision made and are of the latest technology. For practical reasons, people still prefer a more durable wristwatch instead of the more expensive jeweled watches. These are purchased and worn for more formal activities, rather than for daily wear.

Pocket watches, on the other hand, are quite often not even an option in most people's minds. Many mistakenly believe that these timepieces are not only antiquated, but have limited use in a practical environment. However, if you look closely at modern design, and quality, you will discover that the pocket watch makes a good gift - a prestigious gift in fact.

Men's pocket watches are rich both historically and sentimentally. Although you may not find too many people using this kind of watch, or for that matter, find many people who have this type of watch in their granny's attic - it still remains a valuable treasure of time past.

Today's pocket watch, due its popularity as a luxury accessory and as a sentimental gift, has undergone a renaissance and has graduated from practical timepiece to extravagant gift.

If you are looking for a good gift to give your dad or your husband, or maybe even your boss, the trusty old man's pocket watch is worth consideration. Why? Here are a few reasons why the pocket watch makes a great gift:

1. They Are Prestigious - Pocket watches are genuinely a joy to behold. Be it open faced, or hunter cased, they truly bring a sense of history and a sense of adventure to any persons antique collection. Today's jewelry makers, and watch makers alike are trying to rekindle the love affair between man and pocket watches.

For the right occasion a pocket watch is a special, and prestigious gift. These watches are great for retirement gifts, special birthday's, and any and all grand occasions. And you are not limited to purchasing just any old pocket watch. Most watch designers have jeweled, or gold-inlaid pocket watches that are sure to be the envy of family, friends, or colleagues.

While men generally are not as enthusiastic about jewelry as women, they do have a liking for good watches. For many men, a watch serves as the only jewelry piece they truly like. And the pocket watch is one of the most grand of all luxury watches.

2. They Can Double As A Locket - The sentimental possibilities are endless. You could have names and messages engraved into pocket watches. Pictures and keepsakes can find their way into pocket watches, especially if they are hunter cased in nature - that is, they have hinged covers that protect the watch face.

3. They Fuel The Imagination - Pocket watches have been a mainstay of railroad engineers in times past. None of the progress in the Industrial Age would have been possible had not these pocket watches been around to help keep time.

Just ask your Grandfather. A pocket watch to him is something that ignites memories of childhood and of playful escapism.
by Carl DiNello

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