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In my humble opinion these should not be on the same line or level as they are two entirely different things. When it comes to love and romance, what are the rights and wrongs in dating? Do we actually know what can keep a man interested so he will ask you out again

I have lived and seen enough to know what can drive a man away, when a woman has other thoughts on her mind. I have learned long ago that being real to yourself is the first step to a perfect date. For a man to stay interested in you, please be yourself! Men do not like phony women, (they can spot 'em) just as a woman does not appreciate a phony man.

Be a lady; remember men like to be with someone who knows her place as one. Don't be loud, that will be your last date with him that's for sure!

Let him talk also, don't do all the talking. Especially don't spill your guts out to him, he does not want to hear problems, I'm sure he has enough of his own!

Let him pick out places to go to also. Try doing something and going some where totally different than the norm, it will be fun for both of you!

Don't be pushy and try to get him to the altar, you will surely drive him away!

There is no hurry, enjoy each other's company for a while. Get to know each other, you just might find out he is not what you are looking for. This is an area I do not want to miss, please be careful ~ take your time before you end up between the sheets with him, that might just be the last time you date him! Play hard to get or at least try to be, men do not like easy women just as they do not like to hard of a women either! Don't keep after him if he does not call you when he says he will. Life goes on ~ just keep doing what you were doing before you met him. I hope I was some help to you with some dating tips! Take care, have fun and enjoy life!


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