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Thoughts on love and relationships. Not an essay but a list of some Does and Don'ts from a male perspective.

Be proud of yourself and who you are and allow others to be so as well , without feeling that you have to be one of them to get along with others, especially important if you have friends of another ethnic or cultural background.

Be realistic enough to know what you need to do for yourself -- e.g. get in shape , know what is going on in the world , read , have something to say that is intelligent , do something even partially athletic [both sexes], have a life in other words !!

Treat others as equals and expect to be treated similarly by them -- e.g. never expect to have your dinner paid unless the other person specifically invites you. "Going Dutch", each person paying their own way is the norm now. If someone invites you then return the favor, do NOT be someone who expects others to "take care" of you!!

Take note of how the other person reacts to you; if the person is polite and "nice", give him a chance, you could be missing gold by wanting someone "exciting". If the woman is "the life of the party", beware!! Do use proper language; forget the curse words, you only cheapen yourself!!

Make sure you have earned your drivers` license and can drive competently. No one wants to be your perpetual taxi driver!! Stand on your own two feet!! Be responsible!!

Exercise your civil duties and vote but first go to all candidates meetings etc. and make your vote an intelligent choice!! Be at ease in discussing your choices with others!!

This is perhaps only a preliminary list and may drastically contradict some other's advice. But to that I say merely - know more than one language, eh!!


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